Channellings, The Heart - Relaxation two, 18.03.2016

The Heart: Shalom, today's word is ‘Relaxation’ the importance of relaxation is paramount, for if you do not relax and let your mind settle, your mind will always be active and moving faster than you can go. Your mind is always onto the next problem, or the next project or the next exciting adventure, but for this to truly work, you need to relax the brain, relax the body and relax mind. Of course you do this when you sleep, many choose to sleep very little and they get into a pattern that is referred to as insomnia, where they cannot sleep, this is more common than people will recognise and creates collectively, in the collective consciousness an unrest, but this unrest is desirable for the powers that be, that are there to keep you in a busy minded space.

So, we would suggest that you sleep at least seven hours a night and have a reasonable time you go to bed and to raise in the morning earlier, for it is a very productive time that quiets of the morning. Our son is finding this out with his channellings, that we are working with him on. And, if you get up early in the morning then you often go to bed at a reasonable time, also in other parts of the day to rest and have relaxation, with breathing exercises, Yogic breathing exercises are extremely beneficial to ailments that human has. Stress, anxiety, tiredness, fatigue, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, most things in the body relates to the breath, fore, as they call it in the yogic tradition prana, which means ‘life force,’ breath is the life force and brings activation to the waters in the body, that make up 70-80% of the structure of the body and then those waters regenerate the matter, and the light. Fore, your body is made up of light particles, if you look at skin under a microscope you see that it is very closely knitted light particles, making the illusion that it is a dense physical matter and the bodies are turning more and more into light as time goes on and eventually in thousands of years time, maybe four, maybe six, there will no longer need to be any body, you will be purely light beings once again, conscious light beings.

So, relaxation is not only a practice, it is trying to bring it into your life, as an every day occurrence, if you relax into something you're trying to do, studying, writing, whatever you're doing, cooking, you will find that it will run a lot smoother. Our bodies are quite clumsy and if we relax and take a breath as we do things, our mind and body will relax into it and it will be far more flowing and beneficial. And, of course as we always say, a good way also is to, to relax, is to go into nature feel beautiful peace pulsing around you, of the trees of the ground, of the sunlight, the breeze. The more you do that in the physical, if you're lying in your bed you can remember that energy of nature and feel that peace and feel relaxed, because of the peace. So, that is a little bit about relaxation and the benefits of relaxation, a short broadcasts today we send you our love, our peace, shalom.

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