Channellings, ‘The Heart’ - Birth (Spring Equinox) 19.03.2016

The Heart: Shalom all, today are son has chosen the word ‘birth’ and what, of course, a wonderful word, as we always say, but it is always in a line with the divine, with choice and beyond choice, this service and sharing and being in the moment. He has chosen the word birth, and today we are coming into the period of the Spring Equinox, and, the Spring Equinox is ‘a birth,’ a time of birthing, physically it is a time of birthing is when the flowers start to burst out of the ground in a variety of colours and the sun starts to shine stronger and stronger as the year progresses. It is also time of when the sap is rising in the trees and plants and in the humans, so it is the beginning of births in many ways, to give birth to another and is that not the most wonderful thing on this world, to give birth to another? To share that love that has been created amongst two to form a third? And this concept could be related to so much more than just having a baby and many have even forgotten the pure beauty of that loving unity, creating a baby, some even create babies selfishly, so they can have a companion and then rid themselves of their partner once the baby is here. The way man has gone on this very selfish and insular idea, saddens us greatly, but, the more people attune to that new energy that is pulsing from the space around them, within spirit that has moved down closer, because, it was permitted to move closer, man has asked it to move closer and to help us ascend collectively, ascend into more spiritually aware beings, it sounds very dramatic, but, truly it is very beautiful, gentle and natural occurrence, it just gives you more support from spirit, being more present and such communications as our son is sharing with you are more accepted and understood.

So, the birthing starts now, as we grow deeper into that Aquarian Age, to Golden Age, we are moving more and more consciously with every step into that realization, that all is love, all is well, all is peace and moving away from the illusions of fear and darkness and control. So, the birth of the year 16 is happening now and we have mentioned the year 16 already, in previous communications, the 16 like in the development of a child is a very important year of becoming, the start, of becoming an adult and taking responsibilities for your own actions and also celebrating your independence and your own strength and power and control for your own life in a positive way.

So, our son is going to a gathering with his group, the Arimathean group, over the weekend, which delights him greatly and many others will be celebrating this Spring Equinox, this birthing of the year 16 and if you are watching this maybe you too could do something special in your area? Maybe see the sunrise on the Sunday morning? For this is a great… we are just checking if it is the correct date of the Equinox, were not entirely sure, (Tor: Monday morning actually,) this is the day that our son is celebrating, but check if it is the day when others are gathering and celebrating, for people do, fore here in Glastonbury there are many that gather on the Tor, to see the sunrise and the equinoxes and solstices, so you will not be alone if you choose the right place and it is a great time where the community comes together and celebrates the mysteries of life and the way the earth works with its harvest of many, many things.

The spring equinox gives you the opportunity of change, also a bit like a modern day New Year's resolution, but the energy is much stronger now in the spring to let go of those constraints that hold you back and to embrace and celebrate newness, change, birth, absorb that light and feel it like a magic carpet, gently moving you into a new stage of development and love and communication with your highest being, connected to your journey, your soul path here now.

We so much enjoy this time, the Spring Equinox, fore even if you do not recognise it, great new opportunities are there and are waiting and sometimes you take them, sometimes you don't, but, this is all in the subconscious of mans mind, but very much at the forefront of action within spirit, fore it is a cycle of time during the year, this is the beginning of that cycle and the winter is the ending of that cycle. It is the same as the land starts to grow again and then over the winter returns to fallow. So, please do try to recognize, if you cannot go out into the world and celebrate with your friends and family, but, recognise the spring equinoxes and all its glory and maybe study a little bit about what the equinoxes and solstices do and also the quarter festivals which are also vitally important and actually hailed the beginning of your seasons.

So, we leave you with this short message and we would like to share with you and affirmation that you can share and speak on the day of the Equinox. So, this affirmation or incantation we would like to share with you, for you to share, to say on the day the Equinox:

Great spirit I draw you down into my heart,

Be with me on this day and show me my journey forward in this new energies, as we enter the Aquarian energy for the coming years,

May I be of service to the love,

May I be of service to the great plan of spirit,

And may I be service to the earth and all its wonders,

So be it, shalom.

A simple, but, we hope you feel how profound and strong those words are, fore, as we have said in the past, words are energy, words have love, joy, delight, purpose, patience and presence. We love you our dear friends, our son would probably not be doing these broadcasts the next few days, but maybe on his mobile device he may record something, but it is possible that he will not have time, so until we see you again, shalom.

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