Channellings, The Heart - Delight, 14.03.2016

The Heart: Shalom everyone, today the word chosen by our son is, delight, and we are delighted to once again speak. Our son is doing very well keeping up this daily communication, we are delighted for voice to be shared in such a way that we can, from spirit, send down teachings, send down love, expressed through these words. Fore, each word we share contains the energy of love, each word contains energy, quite often, sometimes, when man utters words he does it in hate or fear, or unkindness. But, in spirit we only offer words with love, this is pretty much the difference between man and those within spirit, man is so constraint by his own need to strive for greatness, that he forgets love, forgets the importance of love, and climbs over everyone to find the position of power, control, financial greatness. But, as we were gently awakening our son this morning, who in his thoughts, was thinking about the difference of a man living in a large house and a man living in a humble dwelling and wondering if it was better to live in a larger, more expensive house, but then he looked around his friends and realised that all of those who truly love and felt their integrity and happiness, lived in very humble dwellings, their intention was not to strive for great power, great financial stability, but, to live within their means. The reason we are saying this with the word, delight, is because if you live within your means, you do not strive and climb over everyone else, to be great, rich, powerful. You shall be in the light and then you shall have delight. Delight is peace, delight is steadiness, delight is tuning in to a greater being, a greater presence than yourself, let it be nature or God or your spirit guides, whatever tradition or faith you hold, drawing down that support from that greater force of life, is so important and weaves a beautiful tapestry of life, with vivid colors, vivid look on life.

So we endeavor to ask you, feel that delight in your humble heart, lifted spiral dance within your heart, let it spiral and dance within your heart, like a flame, flickering flame that merges with the dancing lights on the water. Delight is simple, life is simple, we make life complicated on earth, we make life a problem. We feel we have no money, we feel we have a small house, we feel we don't like our job, then change it, you don't have to have millions of pounds to live in this world happy, this brings sadness. You need health, a good solid diet of healthy foods, good water, you need to be in nature and love yourself, we cannot say this enough, fore if you love yourself, you love others around you and then you shall find peace and then you shall have delight. Also allow yourself to feel delight, for some reason, man is in the understanding that if he is not striving to be rich or powerful then he is not living, we would say the opposite, if you are striving for greed and power you are not living, living is appreciating what you have and making the most of it, with love, with honour, with integrity. Fore you forget your friends and family if you're climbing over them to achieve greatness, what a horrible thing to do, but many do it.

Breathe in that light and that love and feel the light, and feel the delight. So we hope you have enjoyed our encouraging, message this morning and feel encouraged by it, we love you dearly, have no doubt in that, feel that love, feel that support and do not be hard on yourself, only through peace shall you find delight, Shalom dear friends.

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