Channelling, The Heart - Willingness, 16.03.2016

The Heart: Shalom, dear friends, this morning our son has accepted the card ‘willingness,’ he has willingly taken this challenge of channelling on a daily basis and sharing it with you. This warms our hearts, for it is in a long time coming, for him to do this, but it is no mistake, fore we have been guiding him and encouraging him, quietly, to do so and also he is coming to an age, of his 40th year, that in many traditions, many cultures you become a complete adult and therefore can have voice of teachings and sharing’s and others will accept you more. So, if you are young, younger than our son, fore our son is still very young, if you are young and you are frustrated that you are not understood, not heard, not accepted, this will come in time, if you are patient and willing to learn and share and communicate. But, for those that are called the Children of Light, amongst other names, they come with a great intelligence, a great awareness, they are born with it, so when they have to wait until the 40th year and beyond to share their teachings, to share their knowledge, they are highly frustrated, highly exhausted by the resistance from their older friends and family, but, just imagine in a few years time, when you as a child of light and all the other children of light are into their 40s and 50s what a wonderful, vibrant, peaceful and knowledgeable place this world will be, for you are bringing back that Atlantean knowledge, that connection to spirit that has been lost on this planet for 10,000 years. Now, we are taking up from where we dropped off and literally dropped off, fore the world, the Earth consumed many of those knowledgeable, attuned people and they have been waiting in spirit to return to the earth, given the chance to communicate again. That is willingness is it not? To wait in spirit dormant 10,000 years and to brave the journey into the unknown world, now, to share that ancient knowledge, and, to still have to wait over 40 years in this body; but, willingness comes out in many ways, not only willingness to be patient, willingness to be tolerant as well and to accept and hear with your heart, teachings and sharing, such as our sons and feels with the heart, is this true? Is this real? Is this for me? And do not get caught up in the anxieties of the busyness of the world, that believing in only that which is tangible, only that is physical. Believe in the flow of love, that our dear, dear friend, Yesuha on the Earth 2000 years ago, was realigning this universe to the concept of love, once again, for the animalistic vision of love, of procreation, of dependency, had taken over and there was a lack of love, of your brother and sister, love thy neighbour is so important, but such an alien concept now.

You have to love your neighbour and without conditions, for this world to open up, like a beautiful rose, greeting the sunshine and the water, the rain, we have to open up and bear the pains and struggles and worries, anxieties, paranoias’, for we will get beyond that and love and understanding will be truly in the flow. The animalistic love confusion, connecting to sex, will slowly dissolve and there will be a knowledge of that type of love, that is primarily shared between people, the normal level, once again, just these basics need to be reinstated. Then you shall have an awareness and the development of the telepathy, this will come through and help you with this and awareness of the different types of love, for life in the French language, there are many different words for love, unfortunately in the Anglo-Saxon language, there is just one that is used and the world is mostly populated by that crude and unromantic and ungenerous language.

But, have faith dear friends, for we have already moved into the Aquarian age, during the gateway year of 11 and some already have moved before that and some are still squeezing through the gateway, it will always be open, but now we are in the 16th year, like these Children of Light being born on the millennium, the 16th year is an important year. When you start to become recognised as older, as an adult and 16 you can do so much, leave home, get a job, get an education, so this year is the year of opportunity in the, Aquarian age, that was born the year Zero, 2000 in the linear calendar, that we know it's not a very precise spiritual document. But, it works with today's consciousness, so be willing for change, be willing for love, share and shine.

This is our message today, we love you dear friends, we see love and light in all, shining different velocity, luminosity, some spark is very dim, some blinding. But, you are in control of how little and how much you shine. Until next time, shalom.

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