Channelling ‘The Heart’ -Brotherhood, Sisterhood, 13.03.2016

The Heart: Shalom, what a wonderful day, today, the sun is shining, the joy is in our son's heart and all is well, apart from our sons dog who is moaning, she doesn't understand why our son is speaking so loudly. Today’s words, are wonderful of course and works again in succession of the other words that have been shared already. Brotherhood and Sisterhood, this is the card chosen by our son today. We have launched our new page, with our son, on the social networking world and platform, and many have attuned and aligned themselves to our sons words, and therefore our work, so brotherhood and sisterhood is working. You are here, you are observing and enjoying, we can sense some are, of course, a little envious and some are confused and some are not believing in what they hear and what they read, but this is fine, of course this is fine, our son does what he does, for service and he receives great support from the words that he channels and he will continue, as this is his daily practice, as long as possible and of course there are days that he will not be able to do, for other commitments may take presidents, but as long as he can, he will continue these broadcasts and transcriptions as well.

Brotherhood and sisterhood, is this not what makes life so wonderful? Our friends, are companions? The Interactions, good and bad, is that not what makes life worth living? This is what life was created for, interaction and of course, as good interaction as possible, love should be at the forefront of every communication, every relation, of course, it is sometimes hard when you're in a space of darker feelings and reflections, but then the friends that you have expressed, that love wich already are there to support you and recognize this for we all get into that space as humans. Coming together can be difficult and times when you feel you have no friends, you have no one that reflects your feelings, your emotions, your problems, your joys, your happiness. This is hard, of course it is hard, some don’t even have family to reach out to, this is even harder and very sad. The state of family now has, pretty much disintegrated, but in place friends have been placed, reach out to your friends’ dear hearts, reach out in any means necessary. Become involved in your community, in whatever way you choose, create groups, create organisations, and create meetings, gatherings to draw in those. For if you do not feel you have friends, of course there are others that feel they do not have friends, but really you are friends, you are connected. Let go of these anxieties of not feeling good enough, not feeling accepted, not feeling that you are inviting friendship, not feeling unloved, unsupported. Do not believe those that are close to you, when they project their own pain, their own inabilities to you, do not take this on, feel stronger, feel actually; empowered by their problems, because you can give them love and support them, therefore channelling that love, channelling that energy in supporting them and feeling good about yourself, that you can be there to support them and love them.

This is how you can improve your own abilities, in connection to the source, we are saddened when we see those in the dark space and getting in a darker space, when all they have to do was reach up to their guides, to the light. Light a candle, choose a crystal, breaks you out of that cycle of darkness, sadness, of cynicism. It is so simple, of course it is, but sometimes we don't want it to be simple, we wanted to be complicated, the more complicated we make our life, the more we feel we are doing the right thing, but doing the right thing, is not always the correct thing to do, sometimes breaking out of your norm, dancing down the high Street with a joyful smiling face, not caring how people take you, that is the right thing. Do not believe the constraints of the rational, conservative community, they are very sad, they are holding back, because they believe in the powers that control them, because the powers control them; fore if they have every man and woman in a box, going to work 10 hours a day, coming home watching television, reading the newspaper, believing the fear, believing that darkness, they are suppressed, they are controllable. They are not liberated dancing creating a joyful flowing, loving environment. Where you feel free and you can go and do as you like, to drive to the seaside, jump in the oceans; see, do not take a day off work, take a week off work, take a lifetime of work, bring in money and exchange and communicate and see the currency of love, that do not have to be confined by a job, that your parents told you, “need to be a doctor, you need to make money, you need to buy a car, you need to buy a house,” no, why? Go live in the woods, plant your food, and drink water from the Earth, why not? Why not? Why not? Or find a balance, like we mentioned earlier in the previous transcript, finding that balance point, that is relaxation, that is peace, the joy, the dancing, that freedom in the woods, one side: the job, the money, that car, the house, the other side: find that balance, bring it into that space, be at peace, and some times you dance in the street, sometimes you go to work 10 hours a day.

So, the joy of life, brotherhood, sisterhood, play with it, do not judge others, before you judge yourself, do not listen to the whispers of unhappiness, trust your heart, look with your heart, to see that community, all its beautiful colours and shapes, and love it all, love your brothers, love your sisters, love your family and you shall be much happier, much freer. So we are now moving into that sunshine and absorb it, bring it into our heart space, fill our body with that warm, beautiful, shining sun light and the breeze, the cool breeze, and love our brothers and sisters, as they love us, out there in the wide world, shalom.

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