Channellings 'The Heart' - Relaxation 11.03.2016

The Heart: Shalom. Today's word is relaxation and what a wonderful succession of words that we've had the last few days, starting with patience and then kindness and now relaxation, they work extremely well together. Fore these three principles, if you can master them, you are down the line of spiritual attunement. And spiritual attunement is that which you do with your soul and spirit, and this is what you strive for as a human. To be of service, to be connected to spirit, your father, your mother on other dimensions, that created you, at the very beginning spark of time. Of course you have your physical mother and father, they are here to ground your body, but your true father and mother are that of the creating force, Creating energies, that started your existent many millions of years ago and all the lives that you have lived since have been looked after by them and as you were mentioning before, in the previous trying to record this, we had technical difficulties, relaxation is the balancing points between those two extremes. Also represented by the mother and father, are masculine and feminine, in-between those who have ‘child’ the balance, the relaxation, the heart space, centre of all extremes. And other extremes where you find relaxation in the middle, is fear and love, dark and light, happiness sadness, so relaxation is a letting go. For if you imagined a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other, once it has done its full swinging it relaxes and finds the centre point and releases its need to energetically swing one way or the other. Humans are designed to swing like this, through their emotional states.

Going back to our original example of the mother and the father, when you were a child in an emotional state did you not swing to your mother and your father to find that common ground, of relaxation, of acceptance, of love? This is a natural state and to get into these states of relaxation, of peace, which is also another word for it, you need to first work upon patience for yourself, the love, then you need to work on kindness, for it is not good enough just to be patient and leave it at that, you have to be patient and then be kind to yourself and once you have been kind, you can be at peace and relax in the knowledge that you are patient, you are love, then you can sit with your eyes closed, light a candle, like our son has right here, maybe a crystal like our son has, to help you come to that space that the candle and the crystal holds naturally, of light or love is the source of all. You come from that light, you return to that light and in every moment of the day when you ask to be in service to spirit, you return and become that light once again. It burns in your heart like a flame like the candle, there is actually a physical piece of crystal that holds that light constantly shining in your heart and with a breathe you can return to that space, breathe, prana, life force is very important in that relaxation, it is actually nice to feel our sons muntra in the place the hand is kept on the heart like he is holding, that fragment multifaceted crystal it is holding it steady, maybe you would like to try that as well? We also mentioned last time that going into nature where you can tune into the sunlight the trees and the breeze, it is a great way to find that balancing point of relaxation, of peace and light. Fore you are amongst God's creations, as it were, creation from spirit that has been designed to support you as those within service bringing and attuning to love, to the Earth, people upon the earth and the animals when you are tuned to this, let yourself be part of this and you will find that peace, that relaxation, because this is the journey, a journey that is a straight path between those two extremes.

Sometimes you're on that path and sometimes you are in one or the other extremes, within the varying degrees, once you come back to that path, every time you come back to that part of your journey it becomes stronger, as that person within the service of spirit and all between, you become full again, while two extremes, spirit far left and man far right and in between the bridge of love. So focus on the balance, find time in your life to find that balance between peace and love. That is our message today dear patient, kind and relaxed friends.

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