Channellings, ‘The Heart’ - Patience 09.03.2016

The Heart: The word you have chosen today for us to speak about is, patience. This is a very apt word to start our transmissions that you are recording to release to the world. For man at present time, finds patiences very hard work, in a world that has escalated into such speed, especially in the last hundred years. When technology and economy and all the other human, agitations, we should put it, have escalated out of control that man has lost the true essence of human nature, which of course, you know so well, is love. The focus on love as been lost in so many ways, that man is paranoid and confused and upset in so many situations; socially, business and even in the home, because the expectations of modern man is so high. To be the best at what they do, let it be in sports or work or politics and if you do not exceed and be the best, then you are put down, by your peers, your friends and even your family.

Love needs to return to the forefront of people's minds, we need you who are watching this presentation, to focus as you awake and focus as you talk and communicate and even listen in your mind in times of quiet, when you're at home, to focus on love and not on where humans have become so focused on bettering themselves, of course this is important, but it should not prevent the natural state of human kindness to prevail. So, we ask you, implore you, to take this message out and be patient with yourself, do not strive beyond the measures of human emotions and love, to become something that you may regret in future. You may strive to have a relationship with the most beautiful person in the world, but you are married and you have to honor this agreement, so often man forgets this agreement, that is not only a verbal and human agreement, but it is an agreement with God, an agreement with spirit and an unseen agreement, that has happened even before you were born to be in that marriage and honor that woman, fore if you do not honor that woman, you shall not be honoring yourself and you shall be lost in the darkness.

This is a primal connection to love, but the true importance of love, comes from loving yourself and if you cannot love yourself how are others to love you? Of course this is raw and it is not in the forefront of discussion in your world right now and the media, even with your friends and family. But please open up the discussion of love with your friends and family and with yourself, so we can come together in unity and peace and not scrabble in the darkness of unhappiness, just one thought of love can eradicate all those confusing human thoughts, so please attune to this, in your heart, in your family’s and in your circles of friends and even in your place of business. Even though there may be fear that comes back, this is natural of course because those that fear not working with love and not communicating through love, they are not absorbing love and being love themselves, so have patience with them, that is why we come back to that word that is chosen, for is important to be patient with yourself and those around you and slowly slowly the more you focus on love, the more you shall be love and therefore unity and peace and joy and happiness. Shalom.

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