Channellings, ‘The Heart’ - Kindness 10.03.2016

The Heart: We speak about kindness now; a word that we'd like you to use more for it has energy behind it, an energy that produces the essence of man and the connection to the source. Where I speak from, the source is ancient, it existed way before man was even an idea in the universe, the source is an intelligence, the source is separated into various aspects of that intelligence and intelligence is not purely intellect, but, also of the principles of being good, that is where the word ‘God’ comes from, good, from all that essence, goodness gives forth, goodness gives where often intellect prevents, stops and takes away, there is very little goodness and kindness in ‘intellect.’ Intellect comes from that part of the brain, that our son has been talking about, that is often called the ‘Lizard Brain,’ ‘The Animal Brian,’ from those beings that your DNA, your structure, has started. But if you look at the brain from that lizard brain, there is a seed placed upon it, as we placed a seed upon that animal on the earth, the seed is the Pineal Gland and from that seed grew the rest of the brain, a brain so full of potential and when man first walked on the earth, they also existed in spirit and could travel back and forth and there was no separation of male and female, there was no separation of different ideas, concepts, there was no competition, there was no envy, no hatred.

But, as man became more connected to the earth over the millions of years, he has lost the use of that, purely, spiritual brain and now only uses a tiny percentage of that brain, fore over the centuries it has been removed, because of the desire and the need and the greed of the serpent brain, the animal brain. But, now things are changing, but it is less of the brain that is changing, more of the spiritual connection reaching up, unlike the original beings of man, who were called the Els originally, they were reaching down, now is a time for reaching up and back, connecting to your Egyptian brothers and sisters your Atlantian brothers and sisters and into a time that had far more consciousness, times that are not even in the concept of man's understanding. Man reflects once again of the primitive man being of purely animal, but that was not the case you are more animal now than you have ever been, but there are people and groups of people that are releasing the physical body and attuning to the spirit and the soul connected to that body and traveling to spirit once again, drawing down those energies and sometimes this can be misconstrued as a alien connection of going into other dimensions and drawing down that energy and misunderstandings of talking to extraterrestrial beings and drawing them down, but this is just an aspect of spirit and aspect of the past also, everything in legend and myth has happened and goes back millennia.

So, this is to do about kindness and love of course and respect and honoring for this process that we are going through now of releasing the body releasing the matter and moving slowly into pure light beings and eventually in thousands of years time material will cease to exist entirely, bodies will no longer be needed, earth will no longer be needed and the combination of the light from the sun and the stars and spirit will be all there is and this concept of course sends fear and dread to that animal brain deep inside your brain structure, but, liberation and joy to the brain that is of the spirit. If you have scientists recording the activeness of the brain when in meditation you can understand more of what we are trying to present to you, the separation is purely between fear and love, fear the animal brain, love the spirit brain and science is slowly, slowly, coming to this understanding and then it will be a widespread exception and kindness and love, joy, respect and honoring will be far more every day occurrence.

So enjoy nature, enjoy that which is really present, the sunlight, the breeze, the earth beneath your feet, the trees, the crystals and do not get shackled and bogged down by animalistic human structures, offices, homes, money, expensive gadgets, cars, computers etc… For they are merely agitating that animal brain, that reptilian brain and keeping you from truly ascending into love. All that is gone needs to stay gone and new understandings and structures of who we are now, has two be recognized, celebrated. So come together, talk, philosophize over what is ‘now’ in a positive, loving, kind way. Feel free to contact our son if you have questions for us, he can present them and record them, and he does not have the use your name, just the question if you choose. We are here to help we truly hope we are. Shalom.

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