Channelling, ‘The Heart’ - Inspiration- 12.03.2016

The Heart: Today's word our son has chosen, again of course guided by us to choose the word inspiration, we are working on a flow through these teachings and now you have the three principles patience, kindness, relaxation, once you have mastered these, as we had said previously, you are now open to receive inspiration and this is vitally important as a spiritual being. To open up as a vessel, to be guided and to be inspired by those within the spirit, let it be teachers or aspects of your higher self, that you have previously had as personalities on the earth or currently have as personalities on the earth, it rarely works like this, but sometimes does; or guides between those positions of teacher and aspects, there are a plethora of inspirers that come through.

We feel that you are not so inspired as humans by more fictional archetypal characters as angels or aliens or trees or fairies or such things, these are purely a fixture upon light frequencies, if you understand what we mean, it is a concept man has placed to light inspiration, given it a figure, made it a person or a being or an idea that fits into those energies that have inspired, but fictional characters such as angels, aliens, fairies, ghosts and such, they do not have personalities, only the personality that person has put up on them, if this makes sense? We try not to belittle it, of course, because a lot of people believe that they are extremely real, but we are trying to help you understand that communication comes from teachers and guides that have habited upon the earth, in a physical body or have a connection to that physical body, for example the Elohim that have not incarnated, some of them have, some of the 12 have, but some have not incarnated on the planet and have taken a body but are still able to channel and speak through a person that is because they are the creators of man, so they understand the human mind, they understand the human body, because they created it. But, apart from them, the ability to speak, use voice, words, language, body, you need to have inhabited a body, not beings that are energetic and yes they have presence, of course they have presence, we completely work directly with angels, but angels are an energy of encompassing and loving, they communicate through their love, not through work, not through voice and it is the same with aliens and fairies goblins and such. They are archetypes and very important and helpful for man's developments and connection. But, we would suggest that they cannot give voice, unless they have previously given voice on the planet, we hope you understand this. They can inspire in other ways of course, they can inspire through visions, through aberrations, they can inspire by giving you energy and healing, but not, we would say, through word.

It is the same with God, God can inspire, but, God speaks through our son now, but through myself, that I call myself ‘The Heart’ and I call myself ‘The Heart,’ because I am not of Tor’s higher self, I have not lived on the planet, I am a representative of the Elohim, I am not one of the Elohim, him but I am a representative of the Elohim, that it has chosen to come and speak and share and teach in ways that Tor feels appropriate for us to do so. So there is a very direct linear hierarchal system within spirit, you have the God force, you have the Elohim, the Christos is also part of the Elohim, then you have the ascended Masters, then you have the varying aspects of man that are still on the planet going through their spiritual evolution, with every life that they live they move forward, step forward more towards the light, the ultimate light of course is God, is where we all come from and where we are all going, the same as the microcosm - macrocosm of the sun, that is where all the planets are going, that is where they all came from, it is purely all gravity, gravitas and it swings like the pendulum we mentioned the previous teachings, it is a spiral actually, everything is a spiral, we have been here before and we will be here again, as the song goes on in our sons head (heehee.)

So, as inspiration dear friends, please in the moments of quiet, light a candle, choose a crystal, open your mind to first those aspects that you have been before in previous lives, they are there primarily to help you attuned and they may help you attune to your personal visualizations and meditations and then slowly as your you become more confident with the abilities of communication and inspiration, your energies will reach higher and higher until you communicate with your ultimate medium, that would be within the realms of light closest to God, that can come through and communicate with you, if you choose but this could take years. Our son has been practicing channeling consciously since he was 14, through meditation and aware of the development of the communication to spirit and then giving word through writing, then through speaking. And, now he is in his 40th year, so over 25 years, but he is still learning, he is still communicating and learning, he is still having to let go and trust the word more and more, fore he still brings his mind into it, what is that word? What is being said now? Do I agree with it? Do I not agree with it? and eventually he will be more at peace with our communication the more he develops through the word as these daily practices are very good to him and also a way of getting out some support and teaching to others as well.

So this is our message today, a little insight of how we operate, how it works through inspiration. So until next time we send you love and peace, shalom.

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